Rules! :3

Yeah, I know. I bet most of you groaned in well, disappointment thinking that this wiki is "FREE FOR ALL." lolno, not everything is free you know! But since we're pretty chill people here, our rules are a bit different than all the other wikis you have seen. So shall we begin?


Yeah, cursing. Cursing IS allowed on this wiki, since cursing probably has become a HABIT to some people. (That person being AwsomeTTR, DON'T JUDGE MEH :3) Just don't over curse, kay?

Inappropriate Images/Stories/Words

Whoa there tiger, we let you curse, but you are absolutely NOT allowed to upload anything with inappropriate symbols, signs, or nudity. ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING. We will take it down, as well as ban you from the wiki, how many days depend on what exactly was posted.


Isn't this self explanatory? But if not, you absolutely cannot insult anyone on this wiki. You CANNOT, it's fine to tease, but when it's serious you CANNOT. You will be banned from the wiki for 1 week if so.

Rudeness/Break of Rules

Okay, first of there isn't even that many rules to beginning with so it IS easy to follow them, and if you do break them, well first, you little rebel ;) and second, there is a consequence to it.

We also don't tolerate any rudeness coming FROM ANY MEMBERS (Admins, B-crats, Mods included) that includes cussing AT the person, insulting them, making insensitive comments, or any rude behavior.


It is TOTALLY fine if you want to upload your perfect fan art or even Fanfiction to the wiki, you can even put some that aren't even Toontown related! This wiki is for everyone after all. But please keep it rated K+ to T. We do not need any M rated things on this website. Violence and gore is allowed but not too much.